Oh my Dear! Am Wondering…..

Yes! Still am wondering about the precious life with you

Unexpectedly, you came to my life as a great friend


Unconditionally became a best part on me

I know, when you read those lines

You will be laugh out & think I’m joking

But believe this my love; this isn’t a lyrics

This is a real thought from a small heart

With lots of love

Sometimes you will throw this as a paper

But just remember this is my heart

It’s only beating for you

Just for you

I couldn’t include my feelings in these lines

And I don’t know to express, how my love growing for you

And what inside me is real

But am sure one day let you will know my love

And Search me as am searching you

Yes! I mean it darling

Just smile for me

Memories of you hugging me everyday

Moment I spent with you are the real risen in life

Dear.. my mind won't settle without you

Love me as am loving you

You can just throw me out

But how you will erase my thoughts

Its spared with your breath dear

You've become a part of who I am

Don’t let me down my love

You are the right choice of mine

Only You are me

Believe me all i say is true!


fantastic lines no words to explain
keep it up

Adalarasu said…
Keerthy magizhi,umathu ennangal siragu verithu vanil paragendrana

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